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How often will I be asked to do urine drug testing?

We perform regular urine drug testing to help us tailor and adjust your treatment plan. It's important for our providers to know what substances are in your system to ensure your safety and offer you the most appropriate medical and behavioral treatment. Please be prepared to provide a urine sample during your scheduled appointments. 

The substances targeted in a patient’s drug test depend on multiple factors such as potential drug-drug interactions, social stability, functional stability, past substances used, medication adherence and time since last use of illegal and/or non-medical use of substances.

Blood is drawn, typically on your second visit, to identify and make you aware of any undiagnosed health conditions that may interfere with your treatment plan. We test for things like liver function, kidney function, STIs, HIV, and Hepatitis B & C. We share the results with you and will refer you to primary or specialty care if follow up treatment is needed. 

Targeted breathalyzer testing is sometimes performed to ensure alcohol is not currently in your system.  Alcohol can be extremely dangerous when taken in combination with many prescription and non-prescription substances. Alcohol can also interfere with the effectiveness of many medications.

This depends on your individual situation, but annual blood draws are most common.

No. We understand that addiction is a chronic disease. We do not therefore, penalize patients for testing positive on drug tests during the course of their treatment. Instead, we approach return to use as an indicator of instability and work with you to make adjustments to your treatment plan and offer you support from social and behavioral health services.

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