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Our providers and staff work at Ideal Option because they are passionate about addiction medicine and love helping patients rebuild their lives, families, and relationships. You are welcome here. 

What to Expect

Ideal Option Treatment Stages

We care for every patient with empathy, respect, patience and understanding. Most of our patients stay with us in treatment for 12 months or longer and typically progress through three stages of treatment. The first two appointments are the most involved and are described below. 

First Appointment

During your first visit, your addiction medicine provider will assess your past and current substance use, likely severity of withdrawal, explain your personalized treatment plan and write your first e-prescription.

Stage 1: Initiation

For 1-2 weeks you will use either conventional or micro-initiation to transition from opioids to your prescribed medications. A registered nurse will check in daily and you will see your provider every few days.

Stage 2: Stabilization

Over the next 4-6 weeks you will fully transition from opioids and be consistently taking your prescribed medications. Once you are stable, we will reduce the frequency of your visits to weekly or every other week.

Stage 3: Maintenance

Now you are making consistent progress, you will see your provider monthly to ensure your medication is still working for you and any physical cravings, social needs, or behavioral health concerns are being addressed.

Your First Appointment

Your first appointment is the beginning of your recovery journey and should take about an hour. It's worth it. Everything from this point will get easier. After your first appointment is over, you can look forward to feeling better and more in control of your choices.

Step One

10-15 MINS

Upon arrival you will check in with our friendly front desk staff and complete your new patient information using the eletronic kiosk. 

All new patient information can be completed at the clinic before your appointment, so you don't need to bring anything with you. If you need a Release of Information form, please click here. To see a list of the insurance plans we accept, click here

Step Two

10-15 mins

A medical assistant will call you back to provide a urine sample for drug testing.

We do urine drug testing at every visit to help us tailor and adjust your treatment plan. It's important for our providers to know what substances are in your system to ensure your safety and offer you the most appropriate medical and behavioral treatment.

Step Three

10-15 MINS

A medical assistant will get your vital signs, conduct a breath alcohol test and enter your medical and addiction history in an electronic chart for the provider.

Targeted breathalyzer testing is sometimes performed to ensure alcohol is not currently in your system. Alcohol can be extremely dangerous when taken in combination with many prescription and non-prescription substances. Alcohol can also interfere with the effectiveness of many medications.

Step Four

10-15 MINS

One of our experienced addiction medicine providers will call you back to conduct a physical exam, discuss your addiction history and the results of your drug test.

Ideal Option providers are made up of medical doctors (MDs), physician assistants (PA-Cs), and nurse practitioners (ARNP, CRNP). Our clinics are also staffed by certified medical assistants. Nearly all our physicians are board certified in addiction medicine and 10 are double board certified in addiction medicine and general medicine. 

Step Five

20-25 MINS

Your provider will prescribe you medications and/or behavioral counseling as appropriate for your substance use disorder, physical exam, and medical and addiction history.

After your visit, our ePrescription team receives your prescription from the provider and prepares the prescription. As required by the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), the prescription is then sent back to the provider for signature and the prescription is sent to your pharmacy to be filled. Prescription processing can take up to 24 hours for complex situations, but the majority of our patients are able to pick up their medication in 4 -8 hours. 

Step Six

5 mins

You will return to the front desk to schedule your next appointment. 

Please call 1-877-522-1275 to reschedule or cancel an appointment. We ask that you provide as much notice as possible.

Your Second Appointment

Your second appointment will be scheduled a few days after your first appointment, or the following day for patients managing alcohol withdrawal. By this time you'll be feeling remarkably better and thinking more clearly about your future.

Step One

5 mins

Upon arrival you will check in with our friendly front desk staff.

We treat our patients like we would want to be treated ourselves: with respect, compassion, empathy, and without judgement. Everyone at Ideal Option understands that addiction is a disease, not a lifestyle choice, and that every patient's situation and history is unique. We take your privacy seriously and we will work hard to help you get better.

Step Two

15 mins

A medical assistant will call you back to collect your vital signs and a blood and urine sample for testing.

Blood is drawn, typically on your second visit, to identify and make you aware of any undiagnosed health conditions that may interfere with your treatment plan. We test for things like liver function, kidney function, STIs, HIV, and Hepatitis B & C. We share the results with you and will refer you to primary or specialty care if follow up treatment is needed.

Step Three

10-15 mins

You will be shown to a room to meet with an onsite provider or in some cases a telemedicine provider to discuss your progress, assess dosage, and issue you a refill for your prescription.

Seeing one of our providers via video conference (telemedicine) allows Ideal Option to provide care to many more patients each day than would be possible with onsite providers alone. This helps us help more people and ensure that we never have waitlists. Telemedicine also allows Ideal Option to offer treatment in rural locations where having a permanent onsite provider may not be possible.

Step Four

10 mins

You will be referred to optional counseling for behavioral health and appropriate community resources.

Ideal Option offers in-house counseling services in WA State and in some locations in Montana as well as partners with community-based organizations to provide referrals to individualized behavioral health services, therapy, housing, food, transport, job placement services, training programs, and other social services.

Step Five

5 mins

You will return to the front desk to schedule your next appointment. 

Please call 1-877-522-1275 to reschedule or cancel an appointment. We ask that you provide as much notice as possible.

Ongoing Treatment & Recovery Support

By now you should be feeling remarkably better and have the resources you need to rebuild your life, relationships, and improve your physical and mental wellbeing. You'll continue to come to Ideal Option for regular appointments throughout your recovery. When the time is right, we will work with you to safely and slowly taper down your medication.

What We Expect from Our Patients

Honesty, honesty, honesty.

Ideal Option is a safe, non-judgmental space where you will be treated with respect and empathy. In return, your provider expects you to be honest with them so they can keep you safe and on the road to a stable recovery. We do not penalize or expel patients for substance use episodes that occur during treatment. 

Willingness to change.

If you've come to Ideal Option to get your life back, you must be prepared and willing to make changes in your life, sometimes major changes, in order to recover and lead your best life. In fact, all you really need to bring to Ideal Option is a desire and willingness to change – we will guide you through the rest. 

Understanding your disease and how to treat it. 

To recover from addiction, it's important to understand the chronic nature of the disease, the effect opioids have on the brain, and how medication works to counteract those effects. Knowledge is power and your provider is your teacher. We expect our patients to learn how to take their medication, follow instructions, and ask questions when in doubt. There are no stupid questions.

Actively participating in your recovery.

Medication is vitally important, but it's only one part of your recovery plan. Speak up to your provider and tell them what other support you need. Take advantage of behavioral health services when offered, and accept referrals to community resources and social services. Tell your provider if you are feeling discomfort with any part of your treatment plan so adjustments can be made. Recovery is different for everyone and you are no exception.

Safekeeping of your medication.

The medication and dosage you are prescribed is safe for you to take, but it is intended for your use only.  It is your responsibility to store it securely, keep it away from children, take it only as directed, and to not share it or sell it to others. We do not replace lost or stolen prescriptions or medication.

Keeping your commitments.

We expect our patients to show up to their appointments on time or let us know if they are delayed in any way. If you are unable to make your appointment, call 1-877-522-1275 to reschedule as soon as possible. It's extremely important to us that you don't run out of medication, so we will do what we can to accomodate you later on the same day or as soon as possible the following morning. 

Coming to us with concerns.

If you are struggling or having concerns about your medication, treatment, dosage, or feel on the brink of returning to use (relapsing), please let your provider know. Your provider can work with you to adjust your treatment plan to help you avoid cravings, withdrawal, and/or return to use. 

Behaving appropriately.

Our staff will treat you with respect and patience and we ask for the same in return. Please be courteous and respectful in both speech and actions in our clinics and when interacting with our providers, staff, and other patients.

Patient Outcomes

Patients who stay in medication-assisted treatment with Ideal Option for at least 6 months are able to stay abstinent from substances and succeed in getting their lives back.

87% of patients report being abstinent from opioids for the last 6 months or more

"I didn't think I could ever live without opioids in my life. I was a patient at a pain clinic for 10 years, I didnt see another way to deal with the chronic pain. Now I've been off pain medication for over a year, I feel so much better. I feel like myself again, I didn't realize I was walking around in a fog for so many years. I wish I had found Ideal Option years ago."

98% of patients feel confident they can abstain from opioids for the long term

"I would not be where I am today without the help of Suboxone. On February 18th, 2021, I will have 3 years clean and I am confident I will never use again for the rest of my life. Today I have everything I could ever want in my life."

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