Patient Outcomes

In November 2020 we sent an anonymous survey to all patients who had recieved at least 6 months of treatment at Ideal Option. We asked them about their experiences and how their lives have changed since beginning treatment. We had 1,300 patients respond; here's what they told us.

Survey Results

87% of patients report being abstinent from opioids for the last 6 months or more

"I didn't think I could ever live without opioids in my life. I was a patient at a pain clinic for 10 years, I didnt see another way to deal with the chronic pain. Now I've been off pain medication for over a year, I feel so much better. I feel like myself again, I didn't realize I was walking around in a fog for so many years. I wish I had found Ideal Option years ago."

98% of patients feel confident they can abstain from opioids for the long term

"I would not be where I am today without the help of Suboxone. On February 18th, 2021, I will have 3 years clean and I am confident I will never use again for the rest of my life. Today I have everything I could ever want in my life."

84% of patients treated for opioid use also stopped using meth / cocaine

"MAT saved my life. I never in a million years thought I would be sober... but here I am, with over a year clean from heroin, meth, and marijuana. I started college full time and am in my second semester working towards my associates degree in liberal arts. Medicated Assisted Treatment helped me get on the right track so that I can have the life I deserve.”

95% of patients report feeling better within 24 hours of taking their first dose of buprenorphine

"Ideal Option saved my life. Nothing ever worked for me. I always ended up back in active addiction. Suboxone gave me a feeling of normal that I haven't had in years, sober or not."

96% of patients have had no drug-related arrests or charges

"Ideal Option saved my life. I have been sober for over 2 years. I always have extra money in my pockets. We take our family on very regular vacations now, we never could do that before. I dont worry about going to jail anymore or worry about losing my children. Really has saved my life, I'm extremely grateful!”

98% of patients report their physical health has improved

"I have been drug-free since January 4th, 2020. Today, I eat healthy meals, I go to the gym everyday. I have gained healthy weight, I have become very muscular. I feel good about myself. I am happy. And I am loved more than ever by all of my family members. Thank you to all of those who helped me.”

98% of patients report their quality of life has improved

"This is place is great and they played a pivotal role in turning my life around. I hated myself, didn’t look at myself in the mirror or recognize myself if I did. Finally I have achieved self confidence and am able to live an honest and fulfilling life. I never knew I could be so happy. Best of luck to anyone reading this that’s going through it. There’s hope, don’t give up, get help."

92% of patients report their financial situation has improved

"I have been off of meth and heroin ever since I started taking Suboxone. I still have the same job and apartment that I had when I started treatment at Ideal Option, I have money in the bank, I have a car, and I have my family back. Every single aspect of my life has improved.”

90% of patients report their employment situation has improved

"It made it possible for me to get my life back on track and I actually just today found out that I was hired on full time to the job that I've been wanting to get for a long time now.  It pays really well and has benefits, something I've never had in a job before."

94% of patients report their relationships have improved

"I don't think I would have my family if it wasn't for the program. Me and my husband are both on the program and we've been sober for almost 3 years. We didn't have anything before Suboxone. We didn't have our kids, we didn't have a home, I didn't have a job or a vehicle, my relationship was iffy. It all came together once we found this program. I couldn't be happier right now. I have control over my life again thanks to Suboxone.”

92% of patients report their housing situation has improved

"Suboxone saved my life. I was homeless and addicted to opiates for 10 years and couldn't hold a job. Since I've started Suboxone I have had the same job for 3 years, I have a nice apartment and two cars. Its really helped me turn my life around."

94% of patients would recommend Ideal Option to a friend or family member

"I've been through 9 rehabs in 8+ years of drug addiction and over 8 overdoses due to heroin, but since I started Ideal Option my whole life has changed. I slipped up a couple times my first month and after that I've been solid for almost 3 years now! Got a good job! Now moved up and got a good career! Got married, have a blessed family, and a positive outlook on life! I don't drink, don't smoke, feel healthy and great! Very happy I stuck with it!!! I have recommended this program to over 10 of my old IV user buddies."

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