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Ideal Option works with criminal justice partners, healthcare providers, and community-based organizations to expand access to treatment and coordinate care for people suffering from substance use disorder.

Criminal Justice

We have extensive experience working with county and city jails, drug courts, and other correctional programs to provide onsite medical and MAT services and recieve referrals for ongoing treatment in our outpatient clinics.

Healthcare Providers

We routinely accept referrals from emergency departments, primary care providers, and other addiction treatment facilities – both inpatient and outpatient. In most cases, referrals are processed immediately and patients are seen within 24 hours.

Community Based Organizations

We partner with community based organizations and leaders at the local, state, and county level to ensure individuals with substance use disorder are given rapid access to the right treatment and services at the right time in their quest to rebuild their lives.

Satellite Services Program

Ideal Option can now provide onsite medication-assisted treatment (MAT) services at your facility. Our addiction medicine specialists will connect with your population over secure video chat – enabling more individuals to start and remain in life-saving SUD treatment.


  • Induction-only or ongoing appointments for medication-assisted treatment (non-methadone) for substance use disorder including opioids, alcohol, and methamphetamines.
  • Urine specimen collection kits, lock box, and pick up service for delivery to our lab. 
  • Printed informational materials to help communicate the availability of MAT services at your location.
  • A primary point of contact at Ideal Option for ongoing partnership and operational management. 
  • Assistance with HIPAA-compliance if needed.

Ideal Option does not carry a waitlist. During our agreed upon hours of operation, most new patients can be seen immediately or as soon as a provider becomes available on the same day. Appointments can also be made for a future date if the patient is not ready to see a provider or is working on applying for insurance or financial assistance. Follow up appointments are scheduled at the completion of each visit. 

We offer two models for satellite services.

  1. INDUCTION-ONLY: Community partners that are located within a 10-15 mile radius of an Ideal Option clinic may offer patients onsite enrollment and an initial provider visit to obtain a short supply of medication. Patients will be required to visit the Ideal Option clinic within 2-3 days to provide a urine specimen at that time. All follow up appointments will take place at the Ideal Option clinic. 
  2. ONGOING MAT: Community partners that are not located near an Ideal Option clinic may offer patients onsite enrollment, induction, and all follow up appointments at their facility. The partner must be HIPAA-compliant and sign a BAA with Ideal Option in order to collect, store, and ship patient urine specimens to Ideal Option.


  • Your facility must be zoned for medical use (we can determine zoning if needed). 
  • If collecting urine specimens for ongoing appointments, your organization must be HIPAA-compliant (see below for details) and willing to sign a BAA with Ideal Option.
  • A laptop / tablet with strong, reliable wi-fi connectivity that patients can use to access our web-based telemedicine app. 
  • A designated, private space within your facility for patients to meet with their telemed provider.
  • An ADA-compliant restroom for patients to provide urine samples (if applicable) and the ability to store those samples securely while awaiting transportation to an Ideal Option lab.

If the community partner is collecting and storing urine specimens, they must comply with HIPAA and enter into a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) with Ideal Option.

Compliance with HIPAA requires: 

  • An annual HIPAA Security Risk Assessment
  • A designated HIPAA Compliance/Privacy and/or Security Officer
  • New hire and annual HIPAA training for all staff
  • Designated HIPAA policies and procedures
  • A process for staff members to report potential HIPAA breaches and how breaches are reported to HHS/OCR

There is no cost to our community partners for this service. All treatment services will be billed to Medicaid, Medicare, or commercial insurance. 

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