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Ideal Option works on the front lines of the opioid epidemic. See some of our recent news clippings here or send us a note if you're interested in working with us on a story. 

Fentanyl dealers could now face murder charges in King County


Jesse and Kierra Fisher need a few moments to count all of the friends they've lost this past year due to a drug overdose. As they look back, they can see one common theme: fentanyl. The couple is in treatment at Ideal Option and getting their life back on track. Regaining custody of their six children is making life feel whole again. "If somebody would have told me I would be doing anything like this a year ago I would have told you guys all you're crazy," said Kierra.

Fentanyl is surging through communities across the U.S. because it's cheap, easy to sell and takes the place of heroin and prescription drugs for someone looking to get a quick high. In 2021, 418 people died of a fatal drug overdose in Washington state as of September, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And 46% were due to fentanyl. Now, King County prosecutors are launching a new effort to try and disincentivize the sale of fentanyl by going after the drug dealers themselves and charging them with murder.

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In-Store Pharmacy Addiction Treatment


An addiction treatment program, Ideal Option, opened it's first Carrs-Safeway location in Alaska (third in the United States) to offer medication-assisted treatment and education inside Carrs' Wellness Center. This collaboration aims to reduce stigma and misinformation around substance abuse, as well as expand access to evidence-based addiction treatment.

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Ideal Option Treatment Clinic Opens Inside Carrs-Safeway Anchorage

Our Community Now

Ideal Option, a national leader in evidence-based medication-assisted treatment for substance use disorder, and Carrs-Safeway, one of the largest grocery retail chains in Alaska, have teamed up to make recovery from addiction easier to sustain.

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Ideal Option Treatment Clinic Opens Inside Carrs-Safeway Anchorage

Alaska Business

The Anchorage Carrs-Safeway is the third location to open an Ideal Option clinic inside its Wellness Center this year. This collaboration is a ground-breaking initiative that signifies an enormous step toward reducing stigma and the mainstreaming of addiction treatment.

“Carrs-Safeway is dedicated to supporting Anchorage area residents with all the resources they need to stay healthy and safe,” says David Green, Director of Pharmacy Operations at Safeway. “Through this collaboration with Ideal Option, we are able to offer patients a safe, friendly and convenient place to check in with their treatment provider and stay on the path to long term recovery.”

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Ground-Breaking Addiction Treatment Center Aims To Battle Seattle’s Opioid Epidemic

Opioid News and Talk

A groundbreaking new treatment center at a Safeway grocery store in Renton is making it easier for people with addiction problems to get the help they need. While it might seem out of place to have an addiction treatment center alongside egg and bread sourcing, Ideal Option said that was the point. Ideal Option's mission is to normalize addiction treatments and break down barriers for those seeking help, with data showing a growing need.

“Individuals struggling with addiction are often judged in their communities. And based on that judgment and their fear of healthcare facilities, they will avoid treatment and not receive treatment, ”said Benjamin Rae, director of provider relations at Ideal Option.

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New treatment center inside Safeway store getting people the help they need


Ideal Option's groundbreaking new treatment clinic inside a Renton, WA Safeway store is hoping to destigmatize seeking help for addiction. 

"Individuals struggling with addiction often times are judged in their communities, and based on that judgment and their fear of healthcare settings, will avoid and not seek treatment. We are hoping that we can be a helping hand," Benjamin Rae, Ideal Option's senior director of provider relations said.

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Burien police seize over 40,000 fentanyl-laced tablets during arrest

Q13 Fox News

Fentanyl is on the rise in King County and health officials state that supportive help is crucial. Ideal Option's senior director of provider relations Benjamin Rae discusses the importance of access to treatment during this time.

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King County seeing record number of fentanyl deaths this year

Q13 Fox Seattle

Ideal Option's senior director of provider relations Benjamin Rae, and one of their patients Shane O'brien discuss addiction and recovery, and the recent spike in fentanyl overdoses in King County.

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Community forum in Las Cruces to focus on addiction, fentanyl

Las Cruces Sun News

Ideal Option is teaming up with Peak Behavioral Health to host an open house and community forum on International Overdose Awareness Day to remember those that have lost their lives to addiction and discuss fentanyl, a new driver behind the opioid crisis in New Mexico.

The event will kick off with an open house where attendees can enjoy refreshments and learn more about the services provided by Ideal Option, Peak Behavioral Health, the Las Cruces Fire Department, New Mexico Department of Health, Doña Ana County Health and Human Services, the Unified Prevention (UP!) Coalition and ALT Recovery. Soon after, Las Cruces City Councilor Kasandra Gandara will give an official proclamation, talk about the opioid crisis in Las Cruces and introduce speakers. The community forum will be followed by a live Q&A and networking session.

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Ideal Option deepens footprint in Washington state

Behavioral Health Business

Ideal Option opened it's newest facility in Marysville, WA. The clinic will treat patients for addiction to fentanyl, heroin, alcohol, and other substances. It accepts most forms of insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid.  

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Fentanyl overdoses soaring as trends change

Snohomish County Tribune

Fentanyl is a main factor behind the increase in opioid overdoses in Snohomish County. Fentanyl is being synthesized and pressed into counterfeit oxycodone pills that mimic the real thing. People are also smoking it, and are seeking it out by name, from what Ideal Option's provider Bryan Blythe, PA-C has observed. 

“75 percent of my new patients are fentanyl patients, and in jail (where he administers treatment), it’s 75 percent there," Blythe estimates. "And they’re specifically saying Fentanyl” is what they sought out as their drug of choice.

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Drug overdoses soar in Central Oregon, nation

The Bulletin

The combination of a pandemic, rise in fentanyl, and lack of access to addiction treatment is what likely lead to Oregon seeing a nearly 70% increase in overdose deaths dyring April and May of 2020, compared to the same time in 2019

Joshua Geer, a patient with Ideal Option, said the program has helped him stay clean. “They’re like my friends,” Geer said. “They’re helping me stay clean. I’ve seen so many people overdose. I always carry (naloxone). It’s super scary. One time, you can use, and it’s OK, but it’s not the next."

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Ideal Option Opens Addiction Treatment Inside Safeway Grocery Store Wellness Center Space In Vancouver, Washington

Open Minds

Ideal Option, a national medication-assisted treatment provider organization, partnered with Safeway, a large grocery retailer, to provide addiction treatment services inside a Safeway wellness center in Vancouver, Washington. Safeway is the first national retailer to complement its in-store pharmacy services with addiction treatment.

“Our partnership with Ideal Option represents Safeway’s commitment to the health and wellbeing of every community in which we operate,” said Stephen Certo, director of pharmacy for Oregon and Southern Washington at Safeway. “This is a natural extension of the robust wellness offerings found throughout our stores. We’re excited to offer our customers access to medication-assisted treatment and welcome all those who need help with open arms.”

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Behavioral Health Provider Ideal Option’s Partnership with Safeway: Reflections on an Entire Industry

The Braff Group

With the added stressors brought on by the pandemic, the demand for substance abuse treatment is enormous – and growing. A partnership between Safeway grocery store and Ideal Option, a medication-assisted treatment program for individuals suffering from substance use disorder, is arguably the next step in the progression of the addiction medicine industry.

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WA: Ideal Option, Safeway Partner to Bring MAT Clinic Inside Grocery Store

Overdose Prevention Strategies

Ideal Option's newest clinic inside of a Safeway grocery store in Vancouver, Washington is part of Ideal Option’s broader effort to destigmatize addiction treatment. This partnership is believed to be the first that puts an addicion medicine provider in a national retailer’s in-store pharmacy.

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Ideal Option Opens Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment Clinic In Puyallup, Washington

Open Minds

Ideal Option, an evidence-based addiction treatment clinic, has opened a clinic in Puyallup, Washington – it's first clinic in Pierce County. State data indicates that about 78% of Medicaid beneficiaries in Pierce County who have opioid use disorder are not receiving treatment.

“We have seen more than 500 hundred patients in our south King County locations who have traveled from the Puyallup area, and that number is only going to increase as the pandemic winds down,” Ideal Option's CEO Tim Kilgallon stated. “Opening a location in Puyallup will make it much easier for our patients who live in Pierce County to stay in recovery and help many more patients start their recovery journey.”

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Safeway, Ideal Option team to break addiction stigma


With overdose deaths increasing in Washington State over the past year, Ideal Option's new clinic inside the Safeway Wellness Center strives to reach more people needing addiction treatement. By having addiction treatment accessible in a grocery store, it removes barriers and breaks down stigma, and makes getting help visible and accessible during everyday errands.

“People have a certain stereotype in mind when they think of a drug addict, but what they don’t realize is they’re sitting next to them in the boardroom. It’s not just that homeless person on the street,” Ideal Option's provider Susan Mitchell said. “This is where I think this partnership will help, by people that are coming and going who look just like your cousin, your sister. We have families who come here.”

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Ideal Option, Safeway Partner to Bring MAT Clinic Inside Grocery Store

Behavioral Healthcare Executive

Ideal Option has partnered with Safeway to provide medication-assisted treatment services inside the wellness center at a Safeway store in Vancouver, Washington. The partnership is believed to be the first that puts an addiction medicine provider in a national retailer’s in-store pharmacy.

“We have so much respect for Safeway’s courage and vision for making treatment for substance use disorder as broadly available as any other medical service. It’s past time for society to accept substance use disorder as a chronic condition, just like diabetes, and refrain from judging those who are afflicted with it. In welcoming Ideal Option into their stores, Safeway is helping to shape the future of recovery from this disorder and in doing so, will save countless lives,” Ideal Option CEO Tim Kilgallon said.

The clinic inside the Safeway grocery store is part of Ideal Option’s broader effort to destigmatize addiction treatment. “It will take a while to change that perception among patients and others in the community, but we want to be part of that movement toward making this an accepted thing that people can deal with without feeling ashamed,” Sharen Ross, Ideal Option's VP of Marketing and Community Development said.

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‘The Wave of the Future’: Ideal Option, Safeway Partner to Open In-Store MAT Clinic

Behavioral Health Business

Ideal Option has opened their newest Washington clinic in the Wellness Ceter of a Vancouver Safeway. Ideal Option decided to co-locate the clinic at the store after noticing that many of its patients were having issues getting to pharmacies to pick up their prescriptions. By partnering with a grocery store to house a MAT clinic at its pharmacy, patients can begin their medication regimen immediately, with injections from pharmacists done onsite.

“We really liked the idea of co-locating with a pharmacy so that patients could essentially see their provider and pick up their prescription within an hour, in the same place, under the same roof,” Sharen Ross, Ideal Option’s VP of Marketing and Community Development said

“Hospitals have pharmacies inside of them for a reason,” Skyler Glatt, Ideal Option’s director of Business development said. “That’s probably the closest that this model would come to, which is the connection between providers, pharmacies and hospitals. I would say that this is probably the wave of the future.”

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Arkansas sees increase in opioid-related deaths

KNWA Fox 24

As opioid-related deaths continue to rise across Arkansas, access to treatment is crucial to get opioid addiction under control. "Once people have established opioid use disorder, once it becomes established, it behaves like a lot of chronic recurring medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, COPD," Ideal Option provider Dr. James Meserow said.

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New addiction clinic in Vancouver grocery store tries to break down treatment barriers


Ideal Option has partnered with Safeway to open a clinic for patients battling substance use disorder inside the store's Wellness Center in Vancouver, WA. This partnership makes Safeway the first national retailer to partner their in-store pharmacy services with an addiction medicine provider. The partnership is "A bold progressive move that reflects both a decrease in the stima traditionally surrounding addiction, and the urgency to counter the surge in substance use during the pandemic," Ideal Option staff said.

The partnership allows patients their medication, right after their appointment, right next door. Ideal Option's provider Lindsey Barnett, ARNP, adds that time is critical with someone is reaching out for help. "When they want help, they need help then. Right then. That's when we need to help them. This allows us to do everything all right then and get them started before something else happens, or something deters them, or something comes in their life and they can't make it to the next appointment or the pharmacy and get their medication," she said.

Ideal Option patient, Tyran Schelling, agrees. "It's a huge benefit. It's almost like and death for some people that are just starting off," he said.

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New clinic aimed at helping opioid addiction in River Valley


Ideal Option opened a new location in Fort Smith, as overdose related death rates continue to increase in the area. "In Sebastian County, we had an overdose death increase by 220% from 2019 to 2020," said Dan Goulette, Ideal Option's Regional Provider in Arkansas. Dan adds that since opening the Ideal Option in Fort Smith, they have welcomed 350 new patients to the clinic. "Our goal is to assess the patient holistically, initiate medication to manage the opioid use disorder, and set the patient up for successful long-term recovery," he said. 

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Ideal Option opens new SUD treatment center

Behavioral Health Business

Ideal Option's new location opens in Puyallup as overdose death rates in Pierce County have been higher than the rest of the state. Over three-quarters of Pierce County residents who are on Medicaid are not getting the opioid use disorder treatment they need.

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New clinic opens in Puyallup aimed at helping opioid addiction

Q13 Fox Seattle

Individuals struggling with opioid addiction in Pierce County now have new resources for assistance. Ideal Option, a medication-assistance treatment center specializing in the treatment of opioids, alcohol, and methamphetamine announces the opening of their new outpatient clinic in Puyallup's underserved community. 

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Managing addiction recovery over the holidays, during a pandemic


This time of year is especially hard, said Dr. Brian Dawson, Ideal Option's senior medical director, in an interview with KGW news. "Particularly around the holidays, stress, COVID and the isolation that people are feeling is causing a lot of problems for people," he said.  Dr. Dawson adds that it's crucial to stay connected. Whether it's volunteering, being with friends or  reaching out for help, the connection is key.

Ideal Option patient, Joshua Geer, said he's found that advice works for him. "I had to go to meetings, on top of going to the clinic, and I had to build a group of sober friends to help me," he said. 

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Coronavirus holidays create unique challenges for those in recovery


The coronavirus pandemic has created a challenging holiday season this year, and it's doubly so for those with substance use disorder. KBOO's Annette Newell talks to Ideal Option's addiction medicine provider, Daniel Goulette, PA-C about why the holiday season is more challenging for those fighting relapse. Newell also speaks with an Ideal Option patient about what this time of year means, and the advice they offer to individuals maintaining their sobriety this holiday season. 

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Hope for the holidays: Tips on staying in recovery


The coronavirus pandemic has made the battle even tougher for those recovering from addiction. As we look forward to a new year, Ideal Option is helping keep patients on the right track. Ideal Option's Dr. Brian Dawson offers tips on staying in recovery and handling stress during the holidays, how to get back on track if you slip up, and when to seek professional help.

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Hillsboro Ideal Option offers help during the holidays

Hillsboro Tribune

Hillsboro NewsTimes talked to Ideal Option's addiction medicine provider, Daniel Goulette, PA-C, to discuss ways to manage stress, family dynamics, and the impacts of COVID-19 for those in recovery during the holiday season.

"Journaling is really powerful," Goulette said. "It can help process anxiety and work through some of the complex emotions surrounding that particular cue or trigger. I also recommend reaching out to recovery support. Sometimes in periods of struggle, the instinct is to kind of fold in on yourself, but it's important to reach out to those who support your recovery. That can be a sponsor or a counselor."

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Helpful holiday tips to keep your recovery on track

KATU 2 Vancouver

KATU 2 ABC News interviewed Ideal Option patient Jaelyn Phillips and addiction medicine provider Lindsey Huckett on ways to navigate the holiday season while in recovery from substance use disorder. 

“We always see relapses during the holidays, but it’s much worse because of isolation and the rules and regulations that we need to follow to stay safe," Ideal Option's addiction medicine provider, Lindsey Huckett, ARNP, FNP-C told KATU News.

Kittitas County jail to begin new medication-assisted treatment program


The Kittitas County jail will be starting a brand new program to medically treat addicted inmates after receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal money. Kittitas County has announced it's receiving $600,000 in federal funds to help treat inmates addicted to drugs.

"One of the things that we're doing is you're taking a person who's on opioids which will often cause death if you don't treat them in jail. You're now treating them with lifesaving medication," says Dr. Jeff Allgaier, the co-founder of Ideal Option, a center that provides medication-assisted treatment. He says of the partnership between Ideal Option and the Benton County Jail has seen tremendous results, "I can tell you that the recidivism rates have plummeted."

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Patients detail recovery from addiction during Congressman Trone visit

The Frederick News-Post

In a small office space in a business park on Thomas Johnson Drive in Frederick, nearly half a dozen women gathered in a small circle with Rep. David Trone (D-Md.) and some staff members. The women were all patients at Ideal Option, a treatment clinic in Frederick that helps those recovering from addiction through medical-assisted treatment. One of them, a 57-year-old from Thurmont, started coming to the clinic once every three weeks in January. Read More

Opioid recovery sessions find new success being online

Snohomish County Tribune

Every weekday morning, the camera goes live, and Geoff Godfrey is ready to greet a crowd of people. The viewers are at various places on the path to exiting opioid addiction. It’s a video visit through Facebook called “Recovery Gone Viral.” The core audience is people in programs run by the medical group Ideal Option. Godfrey is one of its addiction professionals. By all accounts, going online is working far beyond what the team dreamed. It’s made isolating at home feel less lonely. Read More

Ideal Option to join San Juan County Partnership to help combat opioid epidemic in New Mexico


When opening clinics to serve communities, it’s essential to partner with organizations already doing the work in those communities. In this interview with KSJE 90.9FM in Farmington, New Mexico, Amanda Evans with the San Juan County Partnership discusses how Ideal Option reached out to their Opioid Misuse and Prevention meeting for collaboration. Soon to open in Farmington, Ideal Option plans to partner with San Juan County Partnership and other organizations to facilitate warm handoff referrals and help those struggling with opiate use disorder in the Four Corners region. Watch More

Opioid treatment firm opens in Pocatello, Boise and online

Idaho Business Review

Individuals struggling with opioid addiction in Idaho have new resources for assistance. Ideal Option, a company specializing in the treatment of Opioid Use Disorder, announced the opening of two new outpatient clinics in Boise and Pocatello as well as the launch of a virtual clinic on April 14. Read More

Substance use disorder treatment can now be offered through virtual appointments


Social isolation, increased anxiety and struggles with substance abuse may be another rising epidemic in our neighborhoods. Dr. Richard Mattis, at the substance use disorder clinic 'Ideal option,' tells us the underlying issues."Can't get them to see their doctor because their doctor's office isn't open. You know lost their job. Can't get refills on medications. So COVID-19 has created kind of a train wreck nightmare across the nation, for a lot of our patients." Watch More

Silent battle: People recovering from addiction facing new challenges in quarantine

ABC FOX Montana

While the best thing for many people is to stay inside and limit contact with other people, for those recovering from a substance use disorder, those conditions can lead to a relapse. At Ideal Option, an addiction treatment center, sessions are now being done through a computer screen. Addiction medicine provider Sheri Bagley says she's seen some of her patients start to spiral in the wake of COVID. Watch More

Ideal Option opens virtual clinic for opioid use disorder

Minot Daily News

Ideal Option, a national leader in evidence-based treatment for addiction to opioids, alcohol and other substances, has launched a “Virtual Clinic” for new and existing patients to get addiction treatment via video chat from home or a location of their choice. Read More

Virtual clinic for opioid use disorder opens amid COVID-19 pandemic. Thousands of North Dakota residents vulnerable to relapse and overdose can now access medication-assisted treatment without leaving home. READ MORE

Thousands of North Dakota residents vulnerable to relapse and overdose can now access medication-assisted treatment without leaving home. READ MORE

Demand continues to grow for national addiction treatment center

What started as a small clinic grew into a veritable campus and epicenter for a national chain of treatment clinics that currently serve thousands of patients. Dr. Jeff Allgaier and Dr. Ken Egli opened the first Ideal Option in Kennewick in 2012 after recognizing the overwhelming need for long-term treatment options for patients with substance addictions. Now with 65 clinics in 8 states, demand continues to grow. Read More

New clinic opens in Salem to treat opioid addiction

A new choice to get help has opened up in Salem as more options emerge to give those struggling with opioid addiction a way out of the vicious cycle. Staff at Ideal Option said people who need help can come in and be seen as soon as possible. This help is desperately needed, as statistics show that Oregon has the fourth-highest addiction rate of all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Yet, Oregon ranks 50th in access to treatment. Read More

Opioid treatment in King County jails can reduce crime and suffering

Seattle Times

In Benton and Snohomish counties, comprehensive Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) programs are helping every opiate-using inmate entering their jails. The programs are deployed in partnership with Washington state-based treatment provider Ideal Option. Looking at this model with an eye toward King County, several opportunities emerge at little cost to the taxpayer, whether at the King County Correctional Facility downtown, its West Wing Shelter or the Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent. Read More

How a small county jail runs a large-scale addiction program for inmates

KOMO 4 News

Benton County Jail has implemented a medication-assisted treatment program for inmates addicted to opioids. Partnering with Ideal Option, the program includes Ideal Option doctors and medical staff inside the jail. They counsel inmates, as well as prescribe, and learn about the issues they face. Once inmates are released from jail, they continue treatment at Ideal Option. Read More

Road to Recovery North Dakota: Her drug dealers were her doctors


“By the grace of God, Ideal Option opened in Bismarck February 21st of 2018, and I was their very first patient at 8:30 in the morning…and the doctors were amazing. They treated me like a human being,” said Ideal Option Patient Pamela Emmil.  Read More

Road to Recovery: Getting help without getting high. Read More

Benton County Jail keeping treatment program despite shakeup


It's been eight months since the Benton County Jail started a program to help inmates overcome their opioid addiction, and experts say they're impressed. Despite recent changes in leadership, the Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) program helping inmates get off opioids and into treatment while behind bars will continue. Read More

Residents work on getting clean with medication

Walla Walla Union Bulletin

People recovering from addiction — regardless of drug-use history — said getting clean has become easier with various treatments now available in Walla Walla. One such treatment option is Kennewick-based Ideal Option. Read More

New center aims to curb opioid addiction in Prince George's County

The Diamondback

The new Ideal Option clinic in College Park focuses on providing medication that — when used correctly — can limit a patient’s opiate withdrawal symptoms and cravings and lessen the effects of opioid molecules in the brain. Read More

Snohomish County Jail’s radical opioid plan


Jails have two major barriers to offering the treatment. They don’t have enough prescribing doctors. To fill that gap, the jail has partnered with Ideal Option, a treatment provider that works with participants inside and outside the jail. Read More

KIRO 7: Medication-assisted treatment program expands at Snohomish County Jail. Read More

Everett Herald: County jail opens up opioid treatment to all inmates. Read More

My Edmonds News: Snohomish County Jail expands medication-assisted treatment program. Read More

New substance abuse treatment clinic praised by Frederick officials

The Frederick News Post

The Frederick police chief and several other public officials applauded the newest avenue for people struggling with substance abuse to get help during the opening of a substance abuse treatment clinic in the city Thursday. Read More

Everett mayor hopes new opioid treatment center will address overcrowding in jails


Ideal Option's Everett treatment center, fitted with a medical lab and a behavioral health unit, will treat nearly 150 addicts per day. Ideal Option said they currently have 5,757 active patients, with 1,053 patients in Snohomish County. Read More

Everett Herald: You go to the street because you're sick and it hurts. Read More

My Everett News: Ideal Option opens larger opioid disorder treatment location in Everett. Read More

Snohomish County Tribune: Stories pour in at Everett Ideal Option clinic's big reveal. Read More

What does Oklahoma’s landmark ruling against drugmaker mean for Washington state?

Q13 Fox

People fighting addiction and those helping them told Q13 News that the ruling out of Oklahoma is encouraging. Q13 News sat down with Sherie Hurst White, who comes into Ideal Option every 3 weeks now to hold herself accountable. Read More

Overdose snapshot gives eye-opening look at addiction crisis

Everett Herald

During one week in July, 27 people overdosed on opioids in Snohomish County. Two died. The statistical snapshot, released for the third straight year, shows how the local chemical dependency crisis continues to morph. Read More

Fighting opioid addiction: Clark County has another ‘Ideal Option’

The Reflector

Vancouver officials and representatives of a regional health nonprofit gathered in the city’s downtown to celebrate the opening of a new medication-assisted treatment clinic, highlighting efforts to provide options for those in Clark County looking to beat their addiction. Read More

Vancouver mayor welcomes new outpatient clinic aimed at tackling opioid crisis


The new downtown clinic is perfectly placed. Access to treatment is one of the biggest hurdles for an addict. Ideal Option will also be able to serve the houseless population, who often lack transportation. They also work to connect addicts in treatment to housing and job training services. Read More

The Columbian: Ideal Option opens downtown clinic in Vancouver. Read More

Opioid treatment center offers open house

Walla Walla Union Bulletin

Kennewick-based Ideal Option has been providing services in Walla Walla since 2017. The Main Street spot is part of its network of nearly 65 office-based opioid treatment clinics across eight states. Read More

Opioid addiction clinic opens in Aberdeen

The Daily World

Ideal Option's new clinic in Aberdeen is the first ever to offer patient-friendly evening hours. The clinic has no wait lists and accepts all forms of insurance, including Medicaid. No member of the Grays Harbor community who needs treatment for addiction will be turned away. Read More

Experimental jail program gets national attention, saves local lives


The numbers behind America’s opioid crisis are daunting, with addiction destroying millions of lives in the last decade alone. An experimental program happening in the Tri-Cities is making waves nationally, turning the tide, and saving lives with the help of Ideal Option. Read More

Drug abuse often leads to crime. Here is Benton County sheriff’s plan to break that cycle

Tri-City Herald

In February, Kennewick-based Ideal Option started providing a medication-assisted treatment program in the jail, which combines medicine to curb withdrawal symptoms along with counseling. Read More

Four organizations receive $2 million grant to fight opioid crisis


Ideal Option in Pasco, Kadlec Regional Medical Center and the Benton and Franklin County Sheriff's office received the money from the Washington Health Care Authority. Read More

Tri-City Herald: Tri-Cities is getting $2 million to fight opioid addiction. Here’s why it’s unusual. Read More

Bellingham clinic fighting opioid addiction with new treatment


A clinic in Bellingham is using an approach to treat opioid addiction in a way that’s showing very promising results. It’s called medication-assisted treatment, and it’s being used at Ideal Option Clinic, which Whatcom county officials consider as part of their fight against addiction. Read More

KGMI FM: Clinic for opioid abuse treatment opens in Bellingham. Read More

Lynden Tribune: Ideal Option opens office to combat opioid disorder. Read More

Island County opioid outreach among most successful

The Everett Herald

Just after the second anniversary of its launch, the Island County Opioid Outreach program boasts one of the best rates of getting people into treatment in the region. Read More

How the jail became one of the county’s biggest detox clinics

The Everett Herald

In January, the jail Snohomish County Jail launched one of the first programs in the state to offer detainees access to medication to ease withdrawals. It was one of five recently highlighted in a National Sheriffs’ Association report on jail-based medication-assisted treatment, also known as MAT. Read More

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